10 Amazing Things You Can Buy for Your Kids on Groupon Right Now

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Ahh, Groupon, how we love you. With just $100, we can get a full body massage, an orthopedic pet bed and a giant swan raft. But Groupon’s not just for impulse-buying grown-ups! There are loads of deeply discounted deals for the kids as well. Here are 10 super-cool things you can buy right now:

Super-Sized Stuffed Animals
Why settle for a regular old, normal-sized teddy bear when you can have one bigger than a pro basketball player? These 8-foot (48 pound!) stuffed animals probably won’t fit in your kid’s bed, but that’s OK. Your child will be happy to have it standing guard in his or her room.

Cost: $119.99 (reg. price $599.99)

Olivia Books (9 Book Set)
This collection of books about the creative and whimsical pig named Olivia will melt your heart — and this deal gets you nine books for a little more than what one might cost in the store.

Cost: $17.99 (reg. price $45.91)

Zip It Bedding
If you’ve got a kid who hates making her bed, make it easy for her with this bedding set that requires only a simple zip to get things tidy. The bottom sheet and the quilt are connected, so the whole thing works like a sleeping bag. Plus, the sides have built-in pockets for your little sleepyhead to keep books or knick knacks.

Cost: $21.99 (reg. price $59.99)

Mini Three Wheel Police Chopper
Your little biker tot will be the coolest kid on the block thanks to this three-wheel motorcycle ride-on that cruises at a comfortable speed of 1.5 mph.

Cost: $71.99 (reg. price $329.99)

Boys’ Straight Outta School Tees
If you’ve got a recent school graduate, these rockin’ shirts, which can be customized by grade, will make him or her instantly cool. Your kids’ friends may have no idea what they’re wearing, but we guarantee their parents will get it, and want one, too.

Cost: $14.99 (reg. price $19.99)

Socker Boppers Body Bubble Ball
Because, come on, haven’t you always wanted to put your kids into giant inflatable bubbles and let them have at it? These inflatable body bubbles will let your kids work out their grievances in the comfort of a padded ball.

Cost: $37.99 (reg. price $49.99)

Personalized swaddle blankets
You don’t even need a newborn to buy one of these adorable personalized swaddle blankets — you just need to know one! These blankets (they also sell pillows) are perfect baby gifts.

Cost: $12.99 (reg. price $19.99)

Carter’s Boy’s Water Sneakers
If your kids love to splash in the ocean or walk through warm summer puddles, water shoes are a must. These Carter’s boy shoes are almost half off retail price!

Cost: $17.99 (reg. price $30)

Wood Puzzles with Wire Organizing Rack (Set of 6)
Toddlers can exercise motor skills and critical thinking while being introduced to themes such as ocean creatures, shapes and letters with these wooden board puzzles.

Cost: $21.99 (reg. price $50)

3 in 1 Portable Bassinet, Diaper Bag and Changing Station
It’s a bag! It’s a bed! It’s a changing table! This ingenious contraption will give your baby a comfy place to lie down while keeping your belongings safe and organized.

Cost: $46.99 (reg. price $46.99)

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