10 Things You Should Probably Do When Your Kids Are All Grown Ups

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“Please don’t grow up too fast baby.”

These pleading words often came out of every mother’s mouth when they are in cloud nine. It could be that their little ones might have done something cute and funny that deserves some praise and an admiration from mommy.

But when little tyke pees all over the floor, or worse, on top of the dining table; lovable mommy transforms in a split of second to a bad-ass scary villain. And I don’t think you’ll say the same line mentioned above. Right at those kind of moments, most of us  are eagerly looking forward for our young ones to grow up (definitely beyond teenage years), be free and live a life on their own, for we definitely miss the “Me Time,” baby.

It’s not that we don’t love them (our little ones would always be the love of our life) but this so called motherhood is most of the time a tiring, sanity-sucker crazy ride. And we’d love to dream away on what our life would be when our tots are all young adults building a life away from mommy’s loving comfort zone.

So here are the things I’ve been lusting to do when that time comes.

1. Lock away all the clocks. I’d definitely keep away all the alarm clocks/wall clocks – all clocks trapped in the darkest corner of our house. I don’t want to be racing with time ever again and keep looking at the clock to check if the hands have ever moved or stopped for a bit.

My eyes would truly be grateful for that; for they won’t have to involuntarily open when they still want to get drunk with my dreams. I’d like to take everything so slow and savor every millisecond I have.

2. Enjoy every cup of coffee. Morning coffee are not much of a fun these days. There will always be those days that you have to empty a cup of coffee at once because you’re too scared that your young ones will grab it and wham, spill it over on your newly cleaned carpet. Or you are too concerned that they’d get hurt (with the hot coffee and/or mommy’s rational shouting).

3. Soak in an aromatic bathe (I might have a bath tub already by that time) with some sort of a jazz music playing in the background. While my ears  are indulging to the tunes of “Talk Is Cheap,” I would take a light nap in the bathroom (for as long as I want) with no worries if some kiddos would barged in screaming out that they can no longer hold on too long for their poop. Although, hubby would always be welcome to join in.

4. Movie marathon day and night. Hubby and I would feast on a wide array of movies from RomComs, Sci-Fi to Fantasy, as long as not the scary ones. We can just eat pop corn the whole night while watching TV, who cares, we got no kids to worry about healthy snacks anyway.

Or we can also go for reruns of TV series , be it “How Did I Met Your Mother,” “CSI” or “Game Of Thrones.” We wouldn’t be concern anymore with parental tv guidance since its mom and dad watching. It’s now totally OK to watch more flesh on the tube.

5. I would definitely try gardening. It has been one of my frustrations since I’m really not a green thumb. The last time I was able to grow a plant was way back in elementary days when we were required to plant and observe a bean’s growth everyday as noted in a chart. Luckily, it did survive (all thanks to my brother).

But it would really be a dream come true if I can grow some fruit trees in my backyard, couple of green veggies, tomato and some organic stuff without worrying that any minute they’d be pulled out and stepped on by those little creatures called “your kids.” A flowerbed in my front porch would be too awesome to watch as well.

6. Throw out the washing basket. Really. I’m dead serious on this. Me and my washing basket always have this hate relationship. It was never a love-hate one. I can barely remember the last time I saw my washing basket’s bottom – more like of a bottomless I’d say. Whenever I see it, I can’t help but roll my eyes (seems like I’ve strained my cornea for doing it too often) and let out a damn deep sigh.

So I’d throw it out to liberate myself, once and for all, from an exhausting hate-hate relationship.

7. Shop around until the store closes. What a wonderful day would that be. Going to the grocery would never be a lame excuse just to skip babysitting (which mothers are all guilty of). But instead, it would be a therapy to our long deprived womanly wants. We don’t care where our feet would take us and until when our sore feet would finally give up.

There will be no kids waiting in the house nor kids holding your skirt while you shop. You completely own the grocery cart. You’ve finally won over your territory. Shut up and just take my money. Right now!

8. Own the bed as normal couples. There will be no more bed sharing with the whole gang, this time. We would celebrate (definitely will) for being able to sleep again right beside each other, not on the opposite sides. But definitely, I’ll post a “No Snoring” sign. We can now cuddle and huddle (and you know what’s next) without any sudden bodily reflexes when kids’ give out some “we’re- half-asleep” cues.

9. Travel far away with just a backpack. This is to remind ourselves that there are still other places to go aside from the park, grocery, school, church and mall’s playhouses. We’ve been through these places regularly and we might even know all its ins and outs.

Travelling to a foreign country or to your bucket listed place would be a refreshing thing to do. Packing up won’t be a burden at all. What you need for a week of vacation can all be squeezed in a backpack; and that’s what travelling should be.

10. Read a book everyday. If you’re a mom who loves reading, you’d never get lucky to finish a book in 1-2 sittings especially with your needy little ones. You just find yourself finishing a 300-paged book for almost a month because TV seems to be working well when you have kids around.

By the time my kids are all grown up, I want to finally reward myself with good reads and have my own cozy nook just for reading. A little book hunting spree every month would keep me posted on what’s the hottest book in town. Need to say that I want my own library at home? Oh, and that too. I’m now drooling.

But for now, I must savor these moments while they’re still young and huggable. I need to remind myself that I have to wake up before six (thanks to my alarm clock), bathe for 3-5 minutes, watch “Peppa Pig” and “Mother Goose Club” and enjoy it with them, do grocery shopping with them, and dozing off  almost everywhere in the house because I’m damn tired to climb to bed.

I must admit too, I love it when I’m sandwiched between my kids on the bed and still gets tight hugs even if mama has skipped a bath.