$30 or Less: Our Guide to Budget Travel Gear

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Taking little people on a trip can be a snap (we promise!) when you pack strategically. Combine the gotta-haves (like a portable booster seat) with some didn’t-know-you-needed-it items (kiddie headphones) and it’ll be smooth sailing. Or flying. Or driving. Flip through our album for travel gear, accessories and diversions that are easy on the wallet — we’re talking $30 or less.

BubbleBum Booster Seat

If your kiddo is at the point where a booster seat will do the trick, consider picking up a BubbleBum. It's light as a feather (only one pound!) -- just blow it up and go. It meets all the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and stows away nicely. Find out more about the BubbleBum <a target="_blank" href="http://tinybeans.com/bubblebum-inflatable-car-seat/&quot; target="_blank">in our review here</a>. Available online at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.bubblebum.co/us/booster-seat/&quot; target="_blank">bubblebum.com</a>, $29.99.fuck

What’s your favorite gear for traveling with the littles? Tell us about it in the comments!

— Gabby Cullen