12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Survived Elementary School In The 90s

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One of the best parts of having kids is that you’re often reminded of your own favorite childhood memories. Your kids might be living it up in the digital age with smart boards and tablets on every desk, but being an elementary school student in the 90s had some totally tubular perks your tech-savvy tots will never appreciate.

1. Getting off to a nutritious start for the school day.

photo: MrBreakfast

2. Keeping your homework organized and awesome.

photo: RediscoverThe80s

3. Nothing like working up a sweat to show off your amazing fashion sense. To answer your obvious question, no, sadly they no longer make them.

photo: Joe Goldberg via Flickr

4. Even if reading wasn’t your favorite subject, you always looked forward to the day the Scholastic order form arrived. You still get a little giddy now when it shows up in your kid’s backpack.

photo: Recollections of Play

5. Speaking of books, the only way you could track down that Sweet Valley High book in the library was with this bad boy.

photo: Country Living

6. Getting ice cream for a reward is fun no matter what year you were born, but nothing quite compares to eating it with a mini tongue depressor.

photo: Karla and Kat

7. Rocking the O.G. of statement T’s. Then stuffing it in your closet and wearing it ironically in college.

photo: DisInfo

8. These were way cooler than scratch n’ sniff stickers. Bonus: all those deep conversations with your friends about which scent was best.

photo: Nostalgasm

9. Your parents may have dusted erasers, but your kids will never understand the hard work of having to wipe down this sweet machine.

photo: Reddit

10. Skipping that trip to the pencil sharpener thanks to the wonders of technology.

photo: Amazon

11. Defying logic with the miraculous eraser pen (except when it didn’t really work which was pretty much always).

photo: Pinterest

12. Desperately hoping your mom packed one of these in your lunch.

photo: Reddit

What item do you miss the most from your childhood? Share your favorites in the comments!



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