16 Things I Want My Kids To Learn In Reading Harry Potter

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My growing years would never be the same without the story of Harry Potter — the bespectacled boy who lived. I’d forever be thankful to my English high school teacher who lent her Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone book to few of us in our class who enjoys reading; while telling us animatedly how wonderful it is to read especially at wee hours. And I fell in love with Harry Potter, moreover with books. Now that I have two kids to mother, sharing them the journey of Potter boy is an obligation that I (and most Potterheads would do) must fulfill, for this very book taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I brought with me up until this age.

J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece taught me that …

1. Friends come in different shapes and forms. They could be the blunt ones who’d tell you straight up that your essay completely sucks or the ones who’d invite you for an ice cream date to loosen up.


2. Family isn’t necessarily to be of the same bloodline.

3. Bullies have their own personal battle as well like Dudley’s flabby belly and Draco’s keeping up with his father’s expectations. Show them with kindness first, rather than drawing out your wands for a duel.

4. Happiness is always a choice no matter how many loved ones you’ve lost.

5. You don’t have to be in a Malfoy’s kind of circle of friends to experience great adventures. Kick-ass journeys also happen to the not-so-famous groups like Potter’s. So quit pretending just so you can get into your dream group.

6. Love is sometimes our weakness yet it’s the Redbull drink that pumps us up to battle whatever adversaries that may come along the way.

7. There will always be Dumbledores in our lives who’ll provide you undying wisdom to get you through this. They can be your parents or an unexpected person that gives out unsolicited advices at an unexpected time and place. Most of the time, they left you wondering how on earth did they know what you’ve been going through. Heaven’s sent? Probably.

8. Bravery is not always about beating up trolls and enormous Basilisk with your Johnny Bravo biceps or exemplary sword skills. It’s about overcoming your fear when you least expect it, even if it means holding up your fists to friends who want to sneak outside at night.

9. Our departed ones’ love for us is in every inch of our skin. We can always feel it even if they’re gone and it’s too strong that not even gray days can weaken it.

10. There’s always joy in breaking the rules, followed by consequences that could either make or BREAK you.

11. Never be afraid to stand up for what is right. Those rolling eyes, s**t talks and smirks shouldn’t bring you down.

12. Living in the past and uncovering the future might put you into trouble. Always live for the present and make the best out of everything in every day.

13. Ask for help. Don’t be ashamed to ask for any help if you’ve done all you can. Help comes to those who humble themselves and accept that there are things that’s way out of their control.

14. Believe in yourself. If you’re not consistent at it, then at least do yourself a favor by surrounding yourself with people who thinks you can.

15. There’s no way that evil wins. Always be positive that good triumphs over the evil, no matter how long and weary the battle is.

16. You’ll never come out strong if you haven’t been perfectly sharpened. Trials do bring out the best in you.

And oh, never go out on a ball with someone who doesn’t know the word F-U-N…Butterbeers up!

Annabella is a proud mother of two adorable little stinkers who wrestles with her  in bed and almost everywhere in the house. Motherhood is a great journey packed with sweet, fun, crazy moments paired with endless rants and more blunt stories. Hence, the birth of zkbuzybuzz.com.