20 Kid Questions About the Kardashians

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Photo: Love and Knuckles

This weekend instead of playing Legos or baking cookies I asked my 7-year-old daughter and nearly 5-year-old son to watch an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on mute. It was my way of connecting with the kids while also furthering my non-funded research on pop culture.

How would two kids who enjoy princesses and Power Rangers perceive a reality show about a blended family? Would they echo critics who have noted the show lacks compelling plot lines and has an aura of self-absorption? Would they understand relationship dynamics despite never seeing the show, having no understanding of the characters, and not being able to hear any sound?


The episode they watched featured Scott switching out the contents of Kourtney’s pantry to prove that she does not have food allergies, Khloe struggling with Lamar’s recovery, and anger over Blac Chyna shilling an emoji that mocks Kylie.


  1. “Why is she dressed like a stegosaurus? Is that her Halloween costume?” (Kim was wearing a spiked leather jacket).
  2. “What are those big circles under her ears?” (Khloe was wearing hoop earrings).
  3. “Why is everyone so fancy?”
  4. “They are going to McDonalds? Mom, people say that’s a place where you can go and get toys with your dinner.” (Khloe was upset Lamar wasn’t sticking with a lean diet).
  5. Is she a witch? Her nails are really pointy.” (My son noting Khloe had daggers for nails).
  6. “Her pants are ripped! Maybe she fell down in the street?” (My son on Kourtney’s jeans).
  7. That boy has two shirts on, that’s weird.” (Scott was wearing layers).
  8. “That house looks like The White House!” (My daughter on Khloe’s palatial Calabasas mansion).
  9. “Are they all moms?” 
  10. “Whoa! That’s a big closet! You know, she can sleep in there if she wants.” (My daughter about Khloe’s apartment-sized closet).
  11. “What is that stuff on their lips?” (My son about their lipstick).
  12. “Oh, no, he’s wasting food! Doesn’t he know there are kids who don’t have anything?” (Horror over Scott switching out gluten and dairy free items in sink to trick Kourtney. Glad to see my lectures about world hunger are sinking in).
  13. “That grandma has short hair!” (Kris Jenner enters room).
  14. “They stand around a lot.” 
  15. “Are they at a restaurant? I bet they have chicken fingers.” (My son on the menu at Hugo’s where they enjoyed lunch).
  16. “She looks like Rapunzel.” (My daughter’s assessment of Kourtney).
  17. “Is she sick? She might need to get a shot.” (Kourtney was lying in bed pretending to suffer from an allergic reaction to wheat pasta).
  18. “Is he her dad?” (Rob and Kim had a conversation on his back patio).
  19. “They live at a school?” (Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim worked out on the basketball court in Kourtney’s back yard).
  20. “Mom, where are they? Are they in the shower?” (My daughter asking about the location of the confessional interviews).