20 moments worth capturing this summer

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The kids are officially out of school for the summer!   I love the colors of summer, I love the light in summer, and I love taking summer pictures of the kids.  There are so many things about summer that lend itself to childhood.  Bright colors, sunshine, water, and just tons of fun!  So, grab your cameras- whatever camera you have– and go take some pictures of your kids!!   You never know, you may need to look back on those happy moments to look back on when the kids are driving you crazy with sibling rivalry and the end of summer antics!  I’m kidding…  Kind of…

Here are 20 ideas for moments worth capturing this summer

1.  Mid jump into the pool

2.  Playing at the beach

3. Eating watermelon

4.  At the playground

5.  Wearing sunglasses

6.  Playing with sidewalk chalk

7.  Having a lemonade stand

8.  Eating ice cream

9.  Blowing bubbles

10.  Flying a brightly colored kite

11.  Riding a bike

12.  Playing in the rain

13.  In a field of flowers

14.  Roasting marshmallows  15.  Making a wish on a dandelion

16.  Reading a book under a shady tree

17.  Wearing swim goggles and making silly faces

18.  Playing in a creek

19.  Working in the garden

20.  Building a fort inside on a rainy day!