MIT Reveals 2017’s Best Baby Gadgets Were Designed by First-Time Parents


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Who better to come up with the baby products you actually need and use than parents themselves. 2017 saw several clever new baby gadgets and some of the best were designed by moms and dads looking for solutions to problems every parent faces. According the MIT Technology Review, all of these genius gadgets that debuted last year were designed by new parents.

photo: Willow

Any new mom who has ever latched on a breast pump can attest to the fact that pumping pretty much sucks (literally and figuratively). Finally, manufacturers seem to be taking note of the fact that breast pump designs have been stuck in the Stone Age. Willow, one of the best new revolutions in pumping, is a wearable pump that eliminates that giant tote bag and yards of tubing that’s impossible to clean and lets you pump anytime, anywhere.

photo: PopYum

PopYum Formula Making Bottle
Measuring and mixing formula quickly is no easy task when your crying baby is demanding a feeding and your attention all at once, especially when you’re on the go. This new bottle that is currently in pre-order does all the work for you, all you have to do is give it a squeeze. The top half contains the pre-measured formula and the bottom holds the water. To mix the two, all you have to do is squeeze the bottle and shake it up. It couldn’t be easier.

aLoo Bacteria-Reducing Bottle Valve
There’s no use crying over spilled milk, except maybe when that milk is breastmilk and you’ve worked hard to pump it. Unfortunately, when your baby decides they’ve had enough after just a few sips of that breastmilk bottle, the rest might as well be spilled because it’s likely going to end up down the drain. This newly invented valve prevents saliva contamination so that you can safely save the leftovers for the next feeding.

photo: Owlet/ Amazon

Owlet Smart Sock 2
Every new parent has been there, that moment when you hang over the crib in the dark, checking for the soft rise and fall as your baby breathes, risking a wake up to calm your nerves. Thanks to this newly updated smart device all you have to do is slip a sock around those tiny baby feet and you and your little one can finally rest, well maybe. While it won’t help with those inevitable newborn middle of the night sessions, it will monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels in addition to movement and cries, so that you can keep a watchful eye without tiptoeing across that creaky floor.

Have you ever had an idea for a baby product? Share your thoughts on what gadgets you think could use an upgrade in the comments below.

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