3 New Things That’ll Amp Up Playtime

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Your playtime just got more awesome thanks to these three fun products that recently caught our eye. Read on to find out what goods will soon become your kid’s new playtime BFF.

If you live with a toy car lover, your kitchen floor has probably been a racetrack and your couch has hosted hot-rod conventions. All the chaos got one inventor’s wheels spinning — what if you could build little roads everywhere? PlayTape lets you do it quickly, without a lot of fuss. The easy-tear, removable tape looks like a real highway and can stick to the floors, walls or anywhere else you want to motor around. Buy yours online at inroadtoys.com; $7.99-$12.99.


Cardboard Ice Cream Truck
Your kids will have a whole lick of fun scooting around in this cardboard ice cream truck. Easy to assemble, non-toxic and biodegradable, this fun playtime accessory even features a shop window that opens on the side. The only thing this Brooklyn-based company’s play house doesn’t include is the ice cream itself. Get one online at famousoto.com for $59.


Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers
You’ve furiously scrubbed tees, dirty hands and maybe even your bedroom walls to rid them of an art project gone seriously outside the lines. With Crayola’s newest product, Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, you no longer have to worry about marker stains permanently adorning your kids (or walls). The non-toxic markers come in eight bright colors that easily wash from skin, clothing and anywhere else your overzealous mini-artists touch. Get more info. at crayola.com.


Are there any new products you’ve seen that we should add to our list?

– Kelly Aiglon & Erin Lem