$5.93 or Keep Your Eyes On The Ground

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Photo: E K

Over the last year our youngest and I have kept an eye to the ground.  It all started when we found a few pennies on one of our daily walks. He asked if they were fake and, when I said they were real, asked why they had been thrown out.

It began a talk about the value of little things and how the things that some people thought had little value meant more to others.  

We also discussed how little treasures added up quickly, both monetarily and in life.  

We decided to collect what we found in a special container and total it after a year.  

$5.93….134 coins….one little treasure almost every other day.  

We are about to start a new year of treasure hunting….I think we’ll keep looking down.   

Growing up in a large family, I was encouraged to experience the world around me.  In turn, we are inpiring our kids to do the same.