Red Tricycle’s 5 Fave Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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An extra hour of sleep , a clean house, folded laundry and a day at a spa are some of the most popular mother’s day gift ideas among the Red Tricycle Moms! A big thank you for sharing all these great ideas and we wish you all the perfect mother’s day with your loved ones (or maybe just with tranquil “me’ time).

Here are our 5 favorite gift ideas by Red Tricycle moms:

Thea Le Boeuf: This is one of the most original one I must say, “A Tattoo Gift Certificate” to get tattoos of your children’s names on Mother’s Day!

Mary Harper: Mary has many great ideas to share and we love them all!

Handprint “flower” t-shirt – When I was little, my brother’s and I all used fabric paint, and made our hand prints on a t-shirt.  The handprints were the “flowers” and we painted stems and a pot.  My mom loved it and still has it to this day.

Coupon booklet – I’ve made these for my mom for years and years.  They include hand-made coupons for “one clean kitchen”, “one clean bathroom”, “one load of laundry folded”, etc.

Garden kit – a basket full of seeds, a watering can, garden tools, and garden gloves.  Then help mom start her garden.  The quality time together is the real gift

Lauren Garner: You can not go wrong with wine and spa! A weekend in wine country with mom friends – spa one day, wine tasting another day and bring a chef in to cook US dinner, sounds fantastic!

Krista Stanich Waters: A scrapbook with family favorite photos, drawings, hand-prints and love letters to”mommy”, all created by your husband and kids.  A lifetime gift that will put a smile on your face each time you look at it!

Corinne Bergmann Pann: Many great gift ideas for mothers day but we think  “a visit from a house cleaner” is a killer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone clean the house while you are relaxing in spa?

Have a happy Mother’s Day! Your Friends at Red Tricycle