Bam! Pow! 13 Sweet Superhero Gifts

Post-bath time his towel serves as a makeshift cape and flying off your bed into a pile of pillows is a daily occurrence. Kick it up a notch this holiday season for the superhero kids in your life. From custom capes to upcycled vintage night lights, click through the gallery to discover 13 great superhero gifts that would even impress Clark Kent.

Clean Up After Saving The World

It takes a lot of energy and saving the world can be a bit messy sometimes so when the time comes to clean up, wrap those powerful bundles in a super towel. Could be just the trick to get the kids into the bath, because who doesn’t want to come out clean and with super powers to boot?!

Available at Kohls from $15

What gift will you buy for the superheroes in your life? Tell us in the comment section below.


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