5 Surefire Ways to Be Your Best Every Single Day

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Your mom resume reads: cheerleader, boo-boo healer, lunch packer and support system. Inspiring your kids to be their best is just a part of who you’ve become. If you need some inspo to continue encouraging your kids to be their best and adopt a healthy lifestyle read the below five tips. You’ll be surprised how fun and simple it really is to make healthy living a part of your regular routine.


Start Your Day Off Right!
Part of being your best every day is taking care of your body from the moment you wake up. Start your day off right by fueling up on a healthy breakfast, which will give you enough energy to take on whatever the day brings. Here are 11 great breakfast recipes to get you started.

Get moving by getting your heart rate up, even if it’s just for a short period each day. Good news: You don’t need fancy sporting equipment or even a gym membership (here’s looking at you, Mom and Dad!) to get a workout in. Check out these easy and fun workouts you can do at home with your kids.

Stay Hydrated!
Plenty of water is necessary to sustain any active kiddo. The amount of recommended water depends on your kid’s age, weight and gender. For a handy chart for the recommended amount of H20 click here. And, for you parents, The Institute of Medicine recommends roughly 13 cups of water daily for men, and about nine cups daily for women.

Build Up Your Strength!
Bolster their strength, speed and balance by encouraging play! Get started with these 15 ideas for outdoor play.

Get Enough Sleep!
Bedtime may not be Junior’s favorite time of day, but getting enough zzzz’s is important for any growing child. If bedtime is a constant battle, here are some tips and tricks directly from our editors.

For more inspiration on how your cosmic explorer can be their best just like Miles From Tomorrowland, check out the video below!



How do you inspire your kids to be their best every day? What healthy habits does your family follow?