7 Best Apps for Teaching Kids to Read

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One of the most exciting things about being a parent is watching your child discover books. Being able to read opens the whole world to them and it is our job to help them along the way, and encourage them the best we can. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to do it with the help of technology, here I will run down the 7 best Iphone apps for helping your child to read.

1. Bookster  A reading app that allows your child to both listen to stories and record themselves. It can be used for any age as it is filled with pictures and bright colours to engage kids. Being able to compare how they read to how the app reads will highlight the differences to them and aid faster learnings.

2. Hooked on Phonics  This app included 12 lessons and 36 workbooks to help your child with reading. Each lesson is just 10 minutes long so children will remain engaged and then there are lots of activities to follow up the lesson with. Have a look at what the developers have to say about it.

3. MeeGenius Don’t be put off by the name, MeeGenius has over 700 stories for children to learn to read with. Stories are split into interests and skill levels to ensure they are getting exactly what they need on topics that they love. The app can also read the story aloud while highlighting the words to aid learning.

4. BobBooks #1 Reading Magic  BobBooks offers both print material and an app to develop your child’s reading. The app kind of develops with the child and the reading level adjusts automatically. This can also be adjusted manually if needed. Children are rewarded with colourful images as they progress. Although the hardcopy materials are quite expensive the app also works as a standalone.

You can find some of the paper materials here.

5. Feel Electric This app has it all, games, stories, videos, story building and a diary. Aimed to help children with both reading and writing it is educational and loads of fun. This is a good one for the easily distracted child. They will be learning while they think their playing games.

6. Learn with Homer This offers a diverse set of phonics and basic reading as well as a fountain of fun facts about the topics the children are reading about. So, as well as learning to read they are increasing their knowledge of other subjects. It is an all-round winner.

7. Reading Rainbow This app has educational advantages for children and nostalgia for the parents as LeVar Burton from the original TV show acts as the host to the app. He guides you throught the activities and lessons.

If you are worried about the cost of downloading all these apps or the data charges for using them then it might be a good idea to get yourself on a higher data allowance or onto a cheaper network. If you need to unlock your phone prior to doing this then use these tips

Whichever apps you chose to download or whether you chose to carry on your child’s reading journey, the fact that you have found this site and obviously care about your child’s educations gets big thumbs up. With a good reading and educational foundations your child will be able to achieve anything they want to and you will be a proud parent. 

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