7 Surprising Findings About How Parents & Their Kids Use Social Media

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How does your child use social media? Common Sense and SurveyMonkey recently released results from their survey on social media use, teens and what parents know. This “Social Media Disconnect” survey might just clue you in to what you’re missing when it comes to your child’s online life. So what kind of disconnect did this survey find? Check out the fast facts that might surprise you. Oh, and the results might surprise your kiddo, too. Apparently teens aren’t exactly aware of what their old, old (not really so old) parents know.

Teens don’t know about tracking: Well, technically they know. But they don’t know how much their parents are doing. Twenty-six percent of parents admit to using a tracking/monitoring device to sleuth out what their kids are doing online. But only 15% of kids think that their parents are doing so.

Parents don’t know about anything: At least that’s what teens think. Fifty-two percent of parents are “extremely” or “very aware” of what their kids are doing online. Only 30% of kids think that their parents know what they’re doing.

Snapchat tops the list: That is, Snapchat tops the list of social media sites/apps that parents are most nervous about.

Kids are honest: More parents think that their kids have hidden accounts than the teens actually do. While only 27% of teens are sneaking around with hidden accounts, 34% of parents believe their kids aren’t being transparent.

Younger parents think they know more: Older parents rate themselves as less aware of what their kids are doing online than younger ones. Almost two-thirds of millennial parents rate themselves as “extremely” or “very aware” of what their teens do online. But only 46% of parents age 55 plus feel the same way.

Facebook and Twitter are out: Snapchat and Instagram are the winners, with 77% each, when it comes to teen social media faves. Facebook and Twitter? Not so much.

Parents follow on Facebook: Seventy-nine percent of teens are “friends” with their parents on Facebook. Compare this to 27% on Snapchat. Hmm. Could mom friending her 15-year-old have something to do with why FB is out with teens? Umm, yeah.

What’s your teen’s favorite social media site? Share their pick (or what you think it is) in the comments below.

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