8 Winter Travel Essentials for Moms

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Photo: Made by Fressko

Moms will be ready to travel with kids in tow or travel solo in style with these must-haves to get you from take-off to smooth landing.

1. Cori Traveller knows that moms on the move already have their hands full, trying to keep an eye on their kiddos in busy airports, watching over everyone’s luggage, and being sure everyone’s documents are in order. That’s why these fully adjustable neck pillows come with a handy loop for attaching to carabiners or straps, ensuring you never lose the pillow and giving moms the most comfortable rest they can get while trying to sleep sitting up on a plane or in a car. 

2. Traveling is fun but is dehydrating. These Made by Fressko tea and fruit-infused water bottles are sleek, stylish and sustainable and give mom a helping hand to reach her daily water intake. Each comes with a removable infuser that is perfect for hot or cold tea or creating delicious infused water. 

3. Solve the earbud tangle drama moms know too well with Lasso. This smart product is easy to use, accommodates earbuds, charger cords, necklaces and, as a bonus, Lasso can be used to store rings and small earrings inside the barrel. Lasso easily fits inside purses and travel bags, is shatterproof, and BPA-free. 

4. Winter wear usually means hot and sweaty but not anymore. Stay chic and sweat-free with these clever Thompson Tees. These undershirts have patented, sweatproof technology, have no chemical treatments, and are machine washer and dryer safe.

5. Moms are often expected to have the fix to everything at their fingertips—and that’s never truer than when the family is on a trip. With the Geekey, it’s now literally possible. It’s 16 tools in one but still barely bigger than a house key. 

6. Are your kicks looking a little dingy, or are your once white soles now gray? SneakERASERS’ pre-moistened sponges are designed for on-the-go touch-ups. Now you can quickly and easily remove those impossible scuff marks, grime, and smudges from soles and rubber logos without the need for messy applicators, brushes or sprays. SneakERASERS’ unique composition of sponge and shammy is created with an all-natural cleaning formula. The white side of the sponge works great on smooth uppers and logos, while the orange shammy side wipes away residue and gives you an excellent grip. SneakERASERS come in small, individually wrapped packaging that will fit in even the smallest travel bag. 

7. Keep your lips moisturized and refreshed with lip balm from FOUR: Organics. They use a special blend of four 100% organic ingredients, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Peppermint Oil help you pamper your lips. 

8. Sleeping while traveling is hard but that doesn’t mean you have to look like you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. With the Celestial Silk pillowcase you can say goodbye to creases on your face and any sort of plane/train/car bed head. 

Allyson is a mom of two and has more than a decade of experience working in both television news and public relations. From national television shows to top newspapers, Allyson has worked around the world including a travel magazine in London, England, Phoenix TV and local hospital and healthcare association.