A Healthy Dad Makes a Healthy Baby, Says New Study

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Between eating better, taking prenatal vitamins and just generally working towards staying healthy, women who are trying to conceive often bear the brunt of getting ready for baby. But new research has found it’s not just wannabe moms who have to pay attention to their preconception health as healthier dads make healthier babies.

Recent research published in the medical journal The Lancet may have found a connection between the both men’s and women’s health and baby’s brain development and birth weight. Along with paternal and maternal health, the research also focused on what “preconception” really means.

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Instead of just a single “preconception” timeframe, the researchers noted that there are three distinct ways of looking at this period. There is the biological standpoint, or the days and week prior to the embryo’s development. There is also the individual standpoint, or the time the parent or couple wants to conceive. And there is also a population standpoint, specifically the childbearing age for women.

The studies, published as three separate papers all dealing with the similar subject of preconception health, uncovered some things that you might already know (such as the importance of the mother’s nutritional status before getting preggo). But some of the research also found some not-so-commonplace connections.

As it turns out the father’s nutrition during the preconception period also has an impact on the baby’s health. But more research is needed to connect the dots and find out the why’s and how’s.

Did your baby’s daddy watch his diet before TTC? Share your story with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

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