A New Concept Is Helping Moms Get Back into the Workforce

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photo: Pixabay

Whether you take off a few months or a few years to stay home with your kids, finding a way to explain that gap on your resume can present a challenge when you’re searching for a new job. “The Pregnancy Pause” a concept created by a creative agency, is helping moms fill in that blank space with the perfect explanation.

Creative agency Mother New York created a way for LinkedIn users who have spent time as SAHMs to complete their profiles without struggling to fill in the gaps. Moms can add The Pregnancy Pause to the Experience section of their LinkedIn Profiles. When prospective employees click on the company link, they are re-directed to a LinkedIn page that explains U.S. maternity leave policy.

The page explains that limited maternity leave can “leave moms with résumé ‘gaps’ once they begin looking for new jobs. Moms often avoid discussing the gap, which can have potential employers guessing and may cause qualified moms to be overlooked. ”The Pregnancy Pause website offers moms a toolkit to help with resume writing and completing LinkedIn profiles, and also lists a phone number prospective employers can call to hear a recorded message explaining that the job candidate has spent “innumerable hours raising a child, which has surely offered her invaluable experience as a prospective employee.”

Would you use The Pregnancy Pause to fill in your resume on LinkedIn? Share your thoughts in the comments.