A Screen-Free, Imaginative Birthday Gift for Your Preschooler

Preschoolers are full of imagination…and short attention spans. Screen time has its place, but overstimulation happens easily and balance is key. Sometimes we need to find a new way to hold their attention and ignite their curiosity, big ideas and boundless creativity. Is there a high-tech sort of toy that can also encourage them to play independently (bonus: giving you a break), without being glued to a screen? If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift that is all that and more, we’ve found it! And it’s not another space-eating plastic toy they’ll play with then forget about 20 minutes later. Intrigued? How could you not be?! Read on to learn more about the magic of tonies and why both parents and kids love this new storytime companion!

Fosters Imagination & Creativity (and Makes the Best Bedtime Buddy)

The Toniebox is an imagination-building, interactive and screen-free digital listening experience that plays stories, songs and more. It comes to life when paired with Tonies: hand-painted characters with stories to tell, worlds to explore and songs to sing along with.

Made with toddlers in mind, Tonies are simple to use—so kiddos can play all on their own or together with friends and family! The Toniebox is a huge help for independent playtime and bedtime or naptime routines. It's soft and squeezable, yet super durable for hands-on play. Plus you don’t have to worry about shattered screens—what a relief!

Promotes Screen-Free, Independent Play

When a Tonie is connected with your Toniebox, the fun instantly begins! The Toniebox will start telling a story, playing music or leading your child on an audio adventure. Kids just pick any Tonie they like and pop it onto the box. When putting a Tonie on for its first adventure, their story automatically downloads to the Toniebox with no Wi-Fi needed It’s so simple to play that even your three-year-old can do it all by themselves.

Shares Stories & Songs From Favorite Characters (and Even Family Members!)

Each collectible Tonie character magnetically attaches to the Toniebox, making it simple for little listeners to control their audio adventures. Tonies offers a ton of content, including stories and music from Disney’s Frozen, The Lion King, and Toy Story, plus nursery rhymes, educational songs and classic tales.

Besides Content-Tonies, which all come pre-loaded with their unique adventure ready to be discovered, there are Creative-Tonies, which allow you to customize your own content. You can upload your own favorite song and stories (90 mins of space on each!)—even have grandparents record their favorite story to share with your child on the Toniebox for an extra-special bedtime treat!

Toniebox + 1 Tonie Bundle

$99 (Save $14.99) BUY NOW

Toniebox + 3 Tonies Bundle

$124.99 (Save $19.97) BUY NOW

Toniebox + 5 Tonies Bundle

$139.99 (Save $34.95) BUY NOW

Frozen Tonie

$14.99 BUY NOW

Lion King Tonie

$14.99 BUY NOW

Toy Story Tonie

$14.99 BUY NOW


—Jamie Aderski


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