Meet the Tinybeans Team

We created Tinybeans to enable families like ours to safely share the joy of their children's memories and help their little ones grow.

Stephen O'Young

Founder, CTO

Sarah-Jane Kurtini

Founder, Head of Product Marketing

Eddie Geller

Founder, CEO

Summer Ding

Senior Software Engineer

Maria (Bing) Centino

Head of Finance

Jessica Musicus

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Ula Mikus

Head of Talent and Happiness

Trung Hoang

Infrastructure Engineer

Grady Edelstein

Head of Partnership Marketing

Xiaoye Lin

Senior Product Designer

Jordan Rector

Social Media Communications Manager

Aamir Khan

iOS Developer

Jeffrey Mariano

Senior Experience Designer

Anthony Wakulicz

Data Scientist

Carlos Monzon

Senior Android Developer

Kelsey Schroth

Customer Happiness Manager

Daniel Rodrigues

Senior Backend Developer

Juan Morocho

Web Developer

Robert Bernardini

Senior iOS Developer

Jason Bowman

Head of Brand Revenue

Todd Li

Senior Web Developer