Build, Draw, Run: Awesome Activities for Every Kind of Kid

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Your child’s imagination can take them from building site to fairyland in less than a second so why not be prepared? Whether your kiddo is an athlete, architect or master chef, we’ve found activities and projects to suit all personalities or whims. Scroll down to find your next afternoon of adventure.

photo: Michelle DuPois via Rust and Sunshine

For Your Lil’ Builders

If your living room is a small-scale construction zone almost all the time, you’ve got a clever little contractor in your midst. Foster that love of the big build with some epic cardboard box creations that are huge on imagination and low on price. The next time you go for a walk, print out this architectural scavenger hunt for some structure spotting. Looking for more? Check out these creative building materials that actually aren’t LEGO based.

photo: Still Parenting

For the Crafty Kid

Creative types love to get their hands messy, and we mean literally. From finger-painting to coloring to creating a life-sized masterpiece, there’s nothing they don’t love. Try this stained glass window from Still Parenting for a colorful room display made out of glue, food coloring and empty picture frames. Short on supplies? Check out this collection of ones you can easily make at home.

photo: Eugene Kim via flickr 

For the Bookworm

Got a reader in your house? Why not help them make their own story with one of these six different activities geared at getting kids writing. Or try some DIY poetry with a set of fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs you can print out at home. And check out our list of 100 books to read before you turn 12 to keep their love of books going.

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For Exploring Types

With these kiddos, road trips can be a blast but so can a simple trip to the grocery store, thanks to their natural sense of adventure. If they aren’t already whipping out their compass and directing you, we suggest a kid-approved tutorial in how to read a map. Once they’ve got that mastered, they can orchestrate a little vaycay in your own backyard with our guide to playing tourist in your own town. Put their skills (and yours) to the test and see who knows their geography best with a “name that state” printable to do at home.

photo: A Healthier Michigan via Flickr 

For Your Athlete

From playground to playtime, little athletes can make anything an obstacle course. Keep your little American Ninja Warriors fueled with power snacks so yummy you’ll want to throw a few into your bag, too. Make sure your active kid sleeps well by playing some bedtime games to wear them down.

photo: Crafty Morning

For Nature Lovers

Their pockets are forever full of “treasures” they’ve collected (you’ve learned to check them before tossing them in the washing machine) and you have to beg them to come inside for dinner/bedtime. Embrace their natural side with an adorable owl leaf project like the one here from Crafty Morning. For even more fun leaf projects, click here.

Photo: Schooling a Monkey

For the Curious Scientist

Mixing baking soda and vinegar is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home science that any kid will love. Here are 20 science projects you can try today. And while you’re getting your ready for some epic experimenting, read up on these seven female scientists any kid can look up to.

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For Your Master Chef, Jr.

When slicing homemade playdough with a butter knife just isn’t enough, let the kids in on the kitchen action. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got a few easy tips to make them culinary pros in no time. Which is great, because these 3-ingredient recipes are so simple your top chefs can whip up dinner tonight!

What are your favorite activities based on your child’s personality (or mood)? 

—Amber Guetebier

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