This School Is Offering Students Classes in Adulting

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Students graduate high school prepared to write essays and solve algebraic equations, but what about the real life stuff, like washing clothes and cooking dinner? One high school is offering an Adulting 101 class to help students graduate with skills they really need as adults.

At Fern Creek High School in Kentucky students are getting some much needed life lessons in a new class called Adulting 101. The three-day course covers topics like money management, car maintenance, washing clothes and cooking food. The students received demonstrations in how to check their oil, hang pictures on a wall, wash and dry clothes and cook food in a microwave.

The class was designed by the school’s college access resource teacher, Sara Wilson-Abell, to help prepare graduating seniors. “We’re preparing students for life after high school,” Wilson-Abell said in an interview. “Yesterday was all about money, today it’s home and health and tomorrow it’s about being a professional.”

Fern Creek’s program is part of a growing trend of these types of “adulting” classes that have been popping up at schools and libraries across the country. One high school football coach in Alabama recently went viral online for a video showing the coach teaching his players how to change a tire.

The class has been an instant success and the school plans to bring it back for the next school year. “I know I have a spare tire in my car, but I would have known nothing to do with it,” senior Lilly Farmer said. “I learned a lot about how to do my laundry. I mean, I kind of knew some aspects of it, but I never sorted by clothes or anything like that.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: laterjay via Pexels



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