10 Questions That Are Better than “How Was School?”

If “what did you do at school today” is met with a blank stare or a shrug, we suggest spicing up your post school banter with these 10 creative questions. From silly to philosophical, it will get their wheels turning and lips moving far better than the typical tired Q&A.

1. If you had to stay in one class all day, which one would it be?

2. Which of your teachers would you guess has a pet, and what pet do you think they have?

3. Can you teach me one thing that you learned today?

4. Who brings the best lunch to school? What is typically in it?

5. Who is your funniest teacher?

6. Who would be on your dream kickball team and why?

7. Did any of your friends tell you any crazy stories today?

8. If you were in charge of planning field trips, where would you go?

9. Did you talk to anyone today that you have never talked to before?

10. What made you laugh today?

Do you have other ideas for questions that will get them chatting? Share them in the comments below! 

Photo by Phillip Harvey




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