Rosé All Day for Under $8 Now That This Aldi Fave Is Making a Comeback

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Your Mother’s Day is about to be amazing––that is if your S.O. remembers to pick up a bottle of Aldi’s infamous Côtes de Provence French Rosé. The beloved bottles are coming back to the retailer, and just in time to celebrate mamas like you!

This rad Rosé first made waves when it launched in 2016 in the United Kingdom market. The following year it skyrocketed to U.S. success, selling out in 2017. But the love for Aldi’s low-cost wine didn’t end there.

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When the retailer brought the French Rosé back in 2018, it sold out yet again. And what does that mean for 2019 Aldi wine shoppers? The popular pick, which Aldi recently advertised as a “week of May 8 find,” is likely to fly off shelves again.

So if you’re ready for a refreshing Rosé, pick up your bottle early. The fine wine retails for $7.99 but the price may vary at your local Aldi depending on state and local alcohol-related laws. Check the Aldi website here to find out if your store carries the perfectly pink Côtes de Provence French Rosé.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Elle Hughes via Pexels 



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