Choosing the Perfect Christmas Outfits for Your Kids

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December will arrive soon and all those Christmassy vibes will feel like they’re within our grasp. Apple pie with cinnamon, presents, and lovely decorations – or simply put, we’ll finally get the chance to spend more time with all our loved ones, including the kids.

Many parents – myself included! – cannot wait enough to prep their little ones for Christmas. And getting the perfect outfit is a big plus if you want to inspire your kids to get into the Christmas spirit.

Finding a lovely dress or pajama for your kiddo will do wonders for their mood, either if you just get a themed pajama for a Home Alone marathon or a formal dress for a fancy family reunion.

Keep on scrolling and find out what outfit to get this Christmas, depending on the activity you have planned!

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

Your baby’s first Christmas should be really special. Get the perfect knitted outfit for your little bundle of joy and transform the time you spend with your family into a celebration. A onesie or a bodysuit is great for newborns and very easy to put on as well. Make sure to take plenty of photos so you can remember every moment spent together.

Christmas Planning Activities

If you want to involve your little one in your planning activities, the best outfit is a casual one, that provides comfort. A set with a shirt and a pair of pants is your go-to option. Pick fun patterns, like reindeer, Santa, and other themed patterns.

Let your little one be Santa’s help this year and dress them in a comfy outfit to wear while helping around the kitchen or decorating the tree.

Home Alone movie marathon

A cool pajama is going to help your kiddo to get into the action and feel like going with Kevin McCallister into an adventure. One piece pajama is great for smaller kids, while nightgowns are girls’ favorites. If your kid isn’t that little anymore, a two piece jammie is going to do the trick.

Family Photos

The Holidays are a great moment to start making family memories and to celebrate among your loved ones. If it’s your tradition to take a family picture every year or you just want to take some special photos with your little one, here are  some tips & tricks that can help you convince your kiddo to have fun during the photoshoot:

1. If you have an infant girl, try to avoid long skirts or dresses. Instead, pair a short skirt with some leggings and a Christmassy top.

2. For your baby boy, your best option is a cozy button down shirt and some pants. Keep in mind that at this age, bowties and  neckties aren’t a very good choice because your little one may play with it and put himself in danger.

3. Don’t go overboard with the accessories. Just find a cute onesie and your little one’s freshness will do the rest! It will be more comfortable for your little one and the chances to actually catch a smile on the film will improve considerably.

Shopping for your active tot? Keep in mind that the most important thing for a toddler is the shoes. Make sure he or she is wearing a pair of good flats or sneakers.

If the shooting is formal, pick a cute Holiday dress for your girl or a nice costume for your boy. You can add a bowtie or a necktie, and even suspenders. Still, be sure your little one doesn’t play too much with his accessories.

School Events

For school events, you should keep the look as clean as possible. A jumper dress is a good option for girls, while boys can show up wearing a pair of jeans and a themed sweater.

Family Reunion

Depending on how formal your family likes to dress, you have a wide range of options. For girls, a Christmas dress is your go-to option. Here are some st‌yles that could inspire you:

– Lace dress in a Christmassy color such as red, green or even white

– Tulle skirts for a playful look

– Dresses with geometric patterns in white & red

– Embroidered pieces for a fancy look

For boys, a pair of black pants, a white shirt, and a vest is appropriate for a formal gathering. If your family is more relaxed, a patterned sweater or a cool vest is enough.  

The Family Annual Snow Fight

This is one of everyone’s favorite activities! Grab your coats, waterproof gloves and beanies and enjoy the snow with your family. Dress your kid in layers of clothes and make sure the first layer is well fitted – for this, you can choose thermal shirts, leggings, and leg warmers. For the second layer, pick a cardigan or a sweater (with Christmas patterns of course!). And the last, but not the least, make sure your kid’s coat protects the core and prevents the cold infiltrating underneath.  

Gloves, scarves, and beanies are mandatory! Keep your kid’s extremities warm and protect his head from the biting cold. 

What outfit do you plan to get this year for your kid?