The Only Proof You Need to Book Those Swimming Lessons

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The Nirvana baby is an iconic image that’s surprised people for years. Is it photoshop? What’s the magic trick? How is the baby doing so well underwater? Babies naturally take to being in the water like it’s their second home (technically it’s their first). Check out these amazing videos of babies’ first time in the pool going swimmingly.

Baby or Mermaid?
This 16 month-old baby moves better in the water than we ever will! The length of time she keeps her head underwater is amazing.

Natural Instinct
Fun fact: It’s a baby’s  natural reflex to hold their breath underwater. And that’s the secret behind the Nirvana baby.

Absolutely Fearless
They say that fear is learned, not inherited. Watch this babe’s parents encourage her to swim and dive into the pool like an Olympian pro.

What age did your little one start swimming? Let us know in the comments below!

feature photo: Michelle Gow via flickr