These Amazon #Boxtumes Halloween Costumes Are Low-Key Genius & Super Easy to Make

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We’ve done a ton of costume roundups this year, but nothing like this fun lineup of Amazon Boxtumes Halloween costumes! In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a “boxtume” is a homemade costume made from your stash of Amazon cardboard boxes—and, let’s be honest—you probably have few you could work with in your house.

The best part about boxtumes is there is no limit to your creativity and they’re pretty inexpensive to make. They are the perfect DIY costume to make with your kids with just a few simple steps. Keep reading for some expert tips straight from Amazon’s Prime Insider.

1. Think Outside the Box

The best part about a boxtume is you can be creative as you like! Take time thinking about things that inspire you from places like social media or your personal interests. Make it simple or elaborate––you can't go wrong with a boxtume!

2. Use What You Have

You don't have to spend a ton of money at the craft store to make the perfect boxtume. Scrounge the house for paper, glue, tape, ribbon and even stuffed animals! These DIY costumes are the perfect way to use what you have and use your imagination. 

3. Measure Twice, Cut Once!

It never hurts to take a few minutes for planning before cutting into that cardboard. Make some sketches and use a pencil to draw out your design so you know exactly how where to cut to make the perfect boxtume.

4. It's All about the Flair

If there's ever a time to go the extra mile, it's Halloween. Don't hold back on the flair, especially when it comes to glitter, ribbons and color. When you're done, people won't believe you started with just a brown cardboard box.

5. Show it Off

The big day has arrived! Make sure to show off your #boxtumes this Halloween and share with family, friends and your social media following using a hashtag and how that Amazon shipment turned out to be #morethanabox.

––Karly Wood



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