Amazon’s New Cashier-less Store Is Both Amazing & Creepy

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The future is finally here! Yep, Amazon has gone from an online retailer to a brick and mortar store — with a twist. If you haven’t been living in a non-WiFi connected cave for the past few months, you may have heard the buzzing about Amazon’s new grocery stores. Well, they’re finally here (at least one is) and it’s kind of awesomely amazing.

With the recent opening of Amazon Go in Seattle, the world was treated to a sneak peek into cashier-less shopping. That’s right, no cashiers. That means no lines. Yay!

So how does this no cashier, no line store actually work? Forget about those self-checkouts that your local grocer installed. Those take waaaaaaay too much time — especially when items refuse to scan, the bagging area won’t recognize the fact that yes, you actually put your item in the bag or the person in front of you is more concerned with talking on their phone than scanning her items.

Amazon’s new store eliminates the need to scan anything. All you do is grab and go. Literally. There are hundreds of cameras watching your every move. That’s along with sensors that let Amazon know when you remove an item from a shelf. All you need to do is walk through the store’s sensors and scan your phone. Boom. Amazon knows you’re there and shopping. Pick an item, put it in your bag and it goes into your virtual shopping cart. When you exit the store, Amazon’s app charges you for what you’ve picked.

And that’s it. In, out and no wait. Genius!

What do you think about Amazon’s new grocery store? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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