Move Over, Candy Canes: This Is America’s New Favorite Christmas Candy

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When it comes to America’s favorite Christmas candy, some are mad for mint while others are total chocoholics. No matter what tantalizes your sweet tooth this time of year,’s ranking of the top three Christmas candies in each state for 2018 has arrived—and there are some sweet surprises!

So if you’re wondering who is eating what and where, scroll on for all the yummy answers.

Reese's Cup Minis

The chocolate and peanut butter awesomeness of these teeny tiny Reese's cups is a beloved holiday fave. In 2018, the number of states putting this one at the top of their list more than tripled in comparison to 2017. The states that rate Reese's Cup Minis as number one include Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon and South Dakota.

Candy Canes

This traditional fave isn't a surprise top pick. States that put candy canes in their number one spot include Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington.


Even though M&M's are welcome any time of the year, the red and green varieties are particularly festive. These states enjoy their M&M's the most during Christmas-time: Washington, D.C., Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, South Carolina and Virginia.

photo: Ghirardelli

Peppermint Bark

The minty goodness of this Christmas staple hasn't gone unnoticed. Where is peppermint bark most popular? Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin and West Virginia love to chow down on this chocolatey treat.

Reindeer Corn

It's just like the Halloween favorite, but in Christmas colors. The red, green and white striped candy is growing in popularity as a top pick in these states: Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Rhode Island and Utah.

photo: Courtesy of The Candy Store

The Christmas Candy Map

For a full list of America's favorite Christmas candies, check out this map of the country's top picks!

—Erica Loop



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