America Loves This Disney Princess. Which Is Your State’s Fave?

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When it comes to fairy tales, royalty reigns supreme! We all tend to have our own favorite Disney Princess and in a recent survey by, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that entire states also lean towards one heroine or another.

Analysts at compiled a list of 16 famed Disney Princesses (sadly, Moana didn’t actually make it to the top of any state) and used Google Trends to determine how each princess fared throughout the United States. The result is this chart that shows the most popular princess per state. Keep scrolling to see how your state voted!

Enchanting Elsa

Elsa took the crown in 18 states overall, the most of any one princess and it’s no surprise given the popularity of Frozen. Sixteen states fell for the Frozen princess, including Hawaii, Texas, Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Elsa tied with another princess in two states, South Carolina and Wisconsin.


Awesome Anna

Anna is a close second with big sis Elsa when it comes taking tons of states by storm. In addition to sharing South Carolina and Wisconsin, Anna is most popular in Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Mesmerizing Mulan

Alaska, Oregon and New Mexico are ready to get down to business! The film hit its 20th anniversary this year, but continues to be a fave for plenty of budding princesses.


Exotic Esmerelda

Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame hasn’t always been considered a Disney Princess, but she is now! The Romani woman is most popular in California, Oklahoma and Maryland this year.


Jazzy Jasmine

It’s no surprise that Nevada and Arizona love Jasmine. Can you say “desert?” New Yorkers also tend to love this Arabian Disney Princess.


Marvelous Merida

Bears and Wyoming go hand and hand, and it’s also true for the state’s most beloved princess, Merida. The bear wrangler took the crown in this wilderness state.


Snazzy Snow White

Who’s the fairest of them all? Snow White—in these four states! The vintage beauty reigns supreme in Washington, Utah, Idaho and Vermont.


Adorable Aurora

Sleeping Beauty is keeping everyone awake in Arkansas. The young princess is the number one fave in this state only!


Powerful Pocahontas

Native American princess Pocahontas stays true to her roots. She’s a Disney fave in prairie states like Indiana and Kansas.


Terrific Tiana

Tiana’s not just almost there, she’s there when it comes to taking first place in her home state of Louisiana. It’s no surprise, since her film is set in the heart of New Orleans.


Beautiful Belle

Belle calls Utah and Maine her home away from home (after France, of course). The beast-adoring gal is the most popular in these two states.


Sweet Cinderella

This Disney classic princess shares the crown with four others for her only state, Utah. Other popular vintage princesses include Belle and Snow White, with newcomers Rapunzel and Elsa.


Mysterious Meg

Hercules‘ Meg (or properly known as Megara) is highly debatable when it comes to official Disney Princess lore. Regardless, North Carolina favors her above all the rest.


Rebellious Rapunzel

Long-haired and cast iron skillet-wielding Rapunzel is the most popular Disney Princess in Utah and New Hampshire. Like her sister princesses, she shares Utah with Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa and Belle.

Check out the full map of America’s favorite Disney Princesses below:

––Karly Wood

All photos courtesy of photo: YouTube



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