Apple Announces Apple Camp Programs for Kids (It’s Free!)

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photo: Apple

There’s no reason for kids to be bored this summer when they can do cool stuff like create video games, compose music, make movies and program robots (bonus: it’s all free!). All this happens—plus lots of learning—at Apple Camp and the special kid-focused Today at Apple creative workshops at your local Apple store. Check out all they offer!

Apple Camp

This free three-day program of 90-minute sessions is for kids ages 8-12. Apple offers three different sessions: Coding Games and Programming Robots; Creating Characters and Composing Music; and Stories in Motion with iMovie.

The first two days are spent on projects, and the final day is a show-and-tell, where projects are presented to parents, family and friends.

Register ASAP before it fills up!

photo: Apple

Today at Apple: Kids Hour

These 60-minute hands-on sessions designed for kids ages 6-12 include:

Sphero Maze Challenge – Learning coding concepts via programming a Sphero robot.

Creating Music with GarageBand – Learning basic song production concepts and how to use the GarageBand app.

Making Movies Together – Brainstorming ideas, shooting videos using an iPad and editing and producing a video in iMovie.

Note: kids can bring their own iPad or Sphero, or Apple will furnish them.

photo: Apple

Swift Playgrounds Session

This special Get Started with Coding session is for both parents and kids (ages 12 & up) who want to learn how to write code using the free iPad app Swift Playgrounds.

Interested in registering your kids for Apple Camp? Tell us in the comments below!