Are Self-Driving Strollers the Thing of the Future?

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Self-driving cars constantly make tech news headlines, so does a self-driving stroller sound that far fetched? After a Facebook fan’s suggestion, Volkswagen created a prototype self-driving stroller that automatically brakes and follows the parent’s lead. Watch what happens below when a volunteer dad takes his little one out for a walk with the new gear.

As it turns out, the VW self-driving stroller is just a gimmick; the stroller is empty. However, the technology (and the panicked reactions of pedestrians and moms) is very real, made from existing technology like cruise control and automatic braking. While we’d like to keep our tot’s safety in our hands, automatic brakes and obstacle sensors do sound like a fantastic way to combat wayward strollers (especially on those hills!).

What’s your opinion on “self-driving strollers”?

— Christal Yuen

video by ACHTUNG! via vimeo