Are You Overfeeding Your Toddler? Apparently 80% of Parents Are, Study Shows

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Photo: Nate Grigg via Flickr

Toddlers are notoriously hard to feed: there’s the whole getting-them-to-eat-vegetables bit, and of course the insanely frustrating issue of choosing the plate they want to be served on today. But according to new survey done by the Infant and Toddler Forum (ITF), there’s a new problem to worry about: 80 percent of the 1,000 parents surveyed are overfeeding their infant or toddler. ITF also noted that one in ten parents serve their munchkins adult sized portions.

As more children are becoming overweight, which can result in numerous health problems, ITF lets parents know that even if the food is healthy, overfeeding can cause serious issues. So how much food are we supposed to be feeding our tot? See the tables below to see the recommended portion size.


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