10 adorable Halloween baby costumes for the last-minute parent

Halloween is right around the corner which means the season of capturing the perfect Insta-worthy (or Tinybeans-worthy) photo of your baby is here. If you’re like me and tend to plan everything last minute, you’re in luck! Here are some of my favorite baby Halloween costumes that are super adorable and can be delivered to your doorstep in 2 days (thanks, Prime!).

Little dalmation

Who can resist a tiny baby dressed as a puppy? It’s like two layers of cuteness in one!

Amazon – $38.99

Pineapple baby

While the other babies on the block will be dressed as pumpkins, throw a little surprise into the mix by dressing your baby up as a pineapple. No one will see it coming!

Amazon – $37.99

Little monkey

Those little toes! Now you just need a banana costume for yourself and you’re all set. 

Amazon – $36.48

Tiny dinosaur

Not only is this outfit perfect for Halloween, but it also makes easy post-bath pajamas! 

Amazon -$29.99

Baby astronaut

Rocket science has never looked so adorable! Dress up as the moon and you’ve got a unforgettable pair. 

Amazon – $39.99

Brave lion

Dress your baby like the king of the jungle (or at least the daycare) and be prepared for all of the “aww’s.”

Amazon – $20.99

Small avocado

Come on, we both know that little baby avocado pit is too cute to resist. If you can manage to find an adult size toast costume, you’ll be a winner in my book.

Amazon – $29

Baby koala

We’re Australian at heart so of course we’re a little biased, but this costume is by far the cutest on this list. 

Amazon – $19.95

Garden gnome

Who can resist those massive ears? Place baby in a pile of leaves and watch the likes and comments light up on your Tinybeans album

Amazon – $52.65

Baby werewolf

The cutest big, bad wolf you’ve ever seen! Bonus points if you dress up your dog as Little Red Riding Hood. 

Amazon – $50

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