10 spring snacks to make with the kids

One of my favorite memories from childhood is baking molasses cookies with my mom. I loved the process of mixing the dough (perfect time to sneak in my fair share of bites) and peeking inside the oven every 3 minutes. Now that I’ve grown up, I find myself feeling grateful for the memories I got to share with my mom in the kitchen (I still make those same cookies 20 years later!). I compiled a list of 10 super cute spring recipes that are easy to make with the kiddos and will allow them to create memories of their own. Plus, these fun recipes will boost their creativity and work on their fine motor skills. 

1. Pretzel flower bites

Who needs a spring garden when you can have flower pretzel bites? Your little one will work on their fine motor skills as they press the candy onto the pretzel. Bonus!

Via Freebie Finding Mom

2. Spring marshmallow crispy treats

Your child will love decorating the top of the dish with pastel chocolate candies. Where will their imagination take them? 

Via Meatloaf and Melodrama

3. Fruit pizza crackers

Looking to add more fruit to your day? These super fun and easy fruit pizza crackers will be a hit for the whole family. It’s almost too good to be true! 

via Homemade Ginger

4. Sugar cookie puppy chow

No, we don’t mean the dog food. If you’ve never had the sweet & salty goodness of human puppy chow, try this recipe with a sugar cookie twist. Trust us, it’s one of those treats that will disappear right before your eyes. 

via Deliciously Sprinkled

5. Apple "donuts"

Donuts without the guilt? Sign us up! Kids will love decorating these with the colored cream cheese and sprinkles. You can make variations of these “donuts” by swapping the cream cheese for peanut butter or honey. 

via Hello Wonderful

6. Carrot cake bites

If you’ve got a carrot cake lover in the house, you have to try these carrot cake bites. They’re grain-free, vegan, and contain zero refined sugars. Go on, treat yourself! 

Via Running with Spoons

7. Frozen yogurt berry pies

Nothing cures a warm spring day quite like a bit of frozen yogurt. These bites make an easy snack that can be pulled out at any time (even for a midnight snack, no judgement).

via SkinnyMs

8. Banana sushi

Banana sushi is a fun, cute way to have pretend grown up food. Ask your child to decorate their sushi with their favorite toppings – no chopsticks required. 

via My Fussy Eater

9. Rainbow fruit cup

If you’re a family constantly on the move, these simple rainbow fruit cups will be a lifesaver. Buy fruit in bulk and encourage your child to practice their colors as they build a rainbow. 

via My Frugal Adventures

10. Spring snack mix

You can never go wrong with a sweet and salty snack mix. We love this recipe for its surprise ingredients of animal crackers and marshmallows. 

Via A Cup Full of Sass

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