11 breastfeeding essentials for new moms

If you’re pregnant or a new mom, breastfeeding may seem a pretty daunting. What if baby doesn’t latch or you experience pain? Although your breast is the star of the show, there are a few things you can buy to make feedings a little easier for both you and baby. Here are 11 products that will make your breastfeeding experience a positive one. 

A nursing pillow

A supportive nursing pillow can encourage a strong latch and also prevents neck strain. We love the Boppy nursing pillow as it can also be used for bottle feeding and helping baby sit up once they get a little older. 

Buy it on Amazon – $39.79

A good nursing bra

Sorry, but those Victoria’s Secret bras just aren’t going to cut it when milk is involved. A supportive nursing bra keeps your neck and back from hurting and will give you easy access to feed baby. This bra pack from iLoveSIA has over 3,000 Amazon reviews and is super soft and breathable. 

Buy it on Amazon – $32.99

Nursing pads

Your breasts are bound to leak and nursing pads will become your new best friend. These pads protect your clothing and soak up any leak so you won’t experience stains. These Lansinoh pads hold up to 20 times their own weight.  

Buy it on Amazon – $7.49

A breast pump

Breast pumps serve several purposes, like relieving engorgement, collecting milk for future use, and helping with an increase in milk supply. Many health insurance companies will cover a breast pump. This pump by Medela is designed to be used multiple times a day and comes in a portable tote. 

Buy it on Amazon – $181

And a travel-friendly breast pump

If you’re about to travel, lugging your big traditional pump along doesn’t sound too appealing. The Willow wearable pump can be placed right in your bra while you can continuing going about your day. 

Buy it from Willow – $499.99

Breastmilk storage containers

After you’re finishing pumping, all of that milk has to go somewhere. There are many storage options, including bags, containers, and trays. These Lansinoh bags make it easy to freeze and thaw milk. Plus, they come pre-sterilized so your milk stays safe. 

Buy it on Amazon – $13.19

Nipple cream

Unfortunately, your nipples will most likely hurt from time to time. They may even crack or get very dry, but a good nipple cream can help. This cream from Earth Mama is organic, so you don’t need to wash it off before nursing. 

Buy it on Amazon – $10.39

Nipple gel packs

In addition to creams, you’ll also want to have nipple gel packs lying around. The Lansinoh 3-in-1 therapy packs can be used both hot and cold. You’d use them cold to relieve engorgement while the warm packs can help relieve plugged ducts and mastitis. 

Buy it on Amazon – $9.99

A nursing cover

If you’re not comfortable breastfeeding in public, a nursing cover can help you maintain your privacy. This cover from Covered Goods can also serve as a carseat cover, grocery cart cover, and scarf. 

Buy it on Amazon – $36.95

Breastfeeding-friendly bottles

If you also use bottles, you may want one with a nipple that is similar to a breast’s. Nanobebe’s bottles are shaped like a breast and make feeding easy. 

Buy it on Amazon – $22.99

Lactation cookies

Many women swear by lactation cookies because of the natural ingredients that may help boost milk supply. You can buy your own pre-made mix or try to make homemade cookies. Don’t worry, the non-breastfeeding members of your family won’t start making their own milk. 

Buy it on Amazon – $20.99

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