33 ways to baby-proof your house

When it’s time to bring baby home, you’ll want to make sure every corner of the house is safe. It can be pretty daunting to make sure you’ve got every outlet covered and furniture secured without accidentally forgetting something. The good news? We did all the work to think about ways in which you can prevent any harm from happening. Here’s our ultimate checklist to fully baby-proof the house. 

All over the house

Let’s start with a few basics. These tips apply to pretty much every room in your house. 

1. Add locks to every door knob. 

Eventually baby will grow and will be able to open doors themselves. They may even try to open doors that lead to stairs, like a basement door. Adding a lock gives you the piece of mind that they won’t be able to access spaces that may be unsafe.

2. Place baby gates on all stairs. 

You’ll want to add gates to both the top and bottom parts of the stairs. The gates can be repurposed and used to keep baby out of certain rooms as well. 

3. Add smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

This may seem obvious, but smoke alarms should be placed in every level of your home and in the hallways outside of the bedrooms. 

4. Keep outlets covered with outlet protectors.

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The Kitchen

6. Spend time reorganizing.

Move all cleaning products, detergents, and plastic bags to upper shelves even if you use safety locks for cabinets. Make sure the contents in the bottom cabinets would be safe for baby to find (like pots and pans). 

7. Place choking hazards away from baby’s reach.

This includes small things like refrigerator magnets or batteries. 

8. Put the trash can behind a locked cabinet.

9. Unplug unnecessary appliances if not in use. 

Make sure things like your toaster or coffee maker are always unplugged after you’re finished.

10. Keep oven door latched shut when not in use.

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The living room

When it comes to the living room, you’ll want to make sure your baby is protected from collisions. 

12. Make sure furniture and decor is properly mounted to the wall.

Double check to see if big pieces like bookshelves, televisions, large picture frames are bolted into the wall. Accidents can happen once baby starts to explore and grab onto things. You’ll also want to make sure your bookshelf contents are away from baby’s reach. 

13. Secure blind cord cleat so baby can’t reach it. 

It’s no surprise but baby will want to reach for anything dangling. This could cause a serious safety hazard if baby finds the cord cleat to be a toy. 

14. Hide all cords and keep them secure.

This includes lamps, TVs, cable boxes, and gaming systems. 

15. Place corner protectors for coffee tables or other sharp edges.

16. Keep houseplants out of reach. 

17. Move tall lamps behind the couch or other furniture. 

18. Put non-slip pads under all rugs.

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The bathroom

20. Add a lock to your toilet.

Yes, your little one will likely find the toilet water to be a fun place to play in.

21. Never leave a child unattended in the bath.

This may seem obvious, but just a few inches of water can pose a risk for drowning. Never leave them unattended even if they seem independent enough to handle it. 

22. Get spout guard so they dont injure themselves in the bathtub. 

23. Keep razors, clippers, and scissors far away from baby’s reach.

24. Get non slip mat for bathtub floor. 

25. Put a tub thermometer in the water before you wash baby to ensure the water isn’t too hot. 

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27. Never place anything but the baby in the crib. 

Items like stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or blankets pose a risk for suffocation.

28. Take measures to make sure dressers, changing tables, and other furniture are securely bolted to the wall. 

Our Head of Marketing, Jennifer Stamm, once witnessed her two-year-old son climb up the changing table “like a monkey.” Thankfully, the changing table was bolted and no accident occurred. Be like Jen. 

29. Install safety guards on the windows. 

30. Be mindful of where you place the crib. 

Keep the crib away from a direct heat source, a window, or a piece of furniture that could be unsafe if baby attempted to break loose when he or she gets older. 

31. Buy a baby monitor. 

32. Never hang wall decor directly above the crib. 

33. Here are a few of our favorite safety picks:

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