4 must-have breastfeeding apps for new moms

Breastfeeding is complicated, but technology is here to help make it a little easier. Here are 4 must-have apps that  will help you keep track of baby, keep your moments safe, connect with other moms, and help you pump in peace. 


Say goodbye to pumping in a public restroom and say hello to Mamava. Mamava pods can be found in over 4000 locations, including airports. The pods are private and secure with roomy benches, space for a stroller, and a place to plug in your pump.

Download it here. 


Pumpspotting is the app you need to connect with fellow mamas and bond over boobs and milk. The app also offers great reads like how-to’s, news, and perspective from other moms. 

Download it here. 


Keep all of your baby’s photos and videos in one safe space with Tinybeans. It’s a private network, so only the people you invite will see your photos. Tinybeans is a must-have for breastfeeding moms because feeding sessions are the perfect chance to take a look back at how far your baby has come. 

Start your journal here. 

Baby Connect

Use the Baby Connect app to keep track of feedings (and other necessary info, like naps or medicine dosages) all in one place. 

Download it here. 

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