6 activities to boost color recognition

Along with shape recognition, color recognition is an equally important skillset to have in a child’s cognitive development. Color recognition helps your child develop the ability to use descriptive language, understand the world around them, and creates a link between what they see and what they say. Here are some of our favorite activities that will help your child to understand colors. 

Nature color scavenger hunt

Take the learning outdoors with this nature scavenger hunt. Take a piece of paper and mark sections of color with a marker. Head outside and help your child find objects that fit in each color.

via I Heart Crafty Things

Make a cereal bracelet

Jewelry meets snacks in this fun fine motor skill activity. Make Fruit Loops bracelets or necklaces together that are made of each color. 

Via Happy Hooligans

Match the wheels

Break out the buttons and mini pom poms for this fun activity. Your child has to match up the “wheels” with the correct colored car. Find the free printable here. 

via Tot Schoolin’

Try color toss

Label laundry baskets (or large pots) with construction paper. Encourage your child to toss balls (or stuffed animals) into the correct color basket. This activity also works their hand-eye coordination! 

via Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Set up a clothespin matching game

This matching game is a great opportunity to help your child work on their visual discrimination through matching. Plus, it’ll exercise their fine motor skills as they punch and pull. 

Via Chalk Academy

Sort the buttons

Practice sorting and counting with this easy button game. Ask your little one to to sort each color correctly and then count how many ended up in the container. You can find colored containers on Amazon

Via About Family Crafts

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