6 fall-friendly crafts that boost fine motor skills

Who said working on fine motor skills has to be boring? With fall in full force, here are a few of our autumn-friendly crafts that will help strengthen your child’s hands and encourage the imagination to flow. 

Posable leaf characters

Your child’s creativity will soar with these adorable posable leaf characters. Just grab a scissors, marker, pipe cleaners, glue, and leaves from the outdoors or use this handy leaf character printable sheet

Credit: Handmade Charlotte

Story stones

How cute is this? Go on a scavenger hunt with your little one to collect light colored flat rocks. Grab the permanent markers and draw various elements of a story – cars, houses, people, flowers, clouds, and sunshine. Encourage your child to create a story out of the stones. Where will their imagination take them?

Credit: Toddler At Play

Popsicle stick crows

Craft stick puppets are perfect for imaginative play and these crows are a wonderful way to welcome in the fall season. Create characters with your child and put on a puppet show for the rest of the family!

Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Popsicle stick faces

If your child is a little older, try this fun stick craft for extra motor skill work. You may need to assist with the glue, but once the sticks are set, allow your child to get creative with faces.

Credit: Michael’s

Pumpkin play dough

Alright, this one will definitely require your help. This super easy play dough recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes and will fill your kitchen with a pumpkin spice scent. Play dough is a great way for your child to strengthen their hand muscles and build just about anything with basically no mess. 

Credit: Natural Beach Living

Leaf sun catchers

Ring in the new season by sprucing up your windows with leaf sun catchers! This craft requires minimal materials but your child will love creating their own masterpiece.

Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

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