6 ways to preserve baby memories

When baby arrives, it can be hard to remember to record and save all of the moments along the way. We believe the physical and digital mementos deserve to be remembered. Here are 6 ways to save all of the baby memories so you can cherish them for years to come. 

1. Start using a memory jar

Do you ever wish you could keep track of the funny things your child says or the fun family moments you have together? A memory jar is here to help. Set out a decorated mason jar on a bookshelf or table with a pen and notepad nearby. Every time you experience a funny moment or meaningful memory, write it down and add to the jar. Read the contents with the whole family at the end of the year! You can also use a memory jar to write notes to your little one that they can read when they grow up. 

2. Start a Tinybeans album

If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, a Tinybeans album is the perfect way to share photos of your little one without having to post to social media. Plus, you can easily print all of your photos into a photo book – you can find inspiration here. 

Start your free Tinybeans journal

3. Make salt dough hand and footprint ornaments

It’s important to stop and appreciate the just how small your kiddo is right now. Preserve this special stage with annual hand and foot prints ornaments. These don’t need to be brought out only during the holidays as you can display them on a bookshelf year round. 

Instructions can be found on The Imagination Tree

4. Try the Savor Baby Edition Keepsake Box

We love the Savor Baby Edition Keepsake Box because it gives you the capacity to store all of the important goods. From baby’s first sonogram to their favorite blanket, you’ll be able to safely store physical mementos (plus, it comes in a variety of colors so it’ll look great on any bookshelf!)

Buy it here

4. Make a quilt out of baby clothes

If you’re not preparing to use your baby’s onesies for hand-me-downs, turning them into a quilt is a great way to look back on the newborn stage. These would also make wonderful gifts for when your little one grows up and has children of their own. 

Instructions can be found at Happy Mothering

5. Create a shadow box full of momentos

A shadow box is a type of picture frame that allows you to store more than just flat photos. We love the idea of adding little details like hospital bands, positive pregnancy test, and first ultra sounds to really capture the full experience of having a newborn. 

You can buy a shadow box frame here

6. Use a personalized My First Years poster

These My First Year posters are the perfect place to record all of those important milestones in one spot. When you’re finished, hang it in your child’s room and look back on how much they’ve grown.

For purchase on Etsy

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