7 Ants on a Log recipes your kids will love

Ants on a Log is an all-time favorite snack because it combines veggies and protein. Not only is it nutritious, but it also teaches children how to prepare healthy snacks. In honor of National Eat Your Veggies Day on June 17th, we compiled a list of our favorite twists on this classic bite.  Your little one won’t even realize vegetables are involved! 

How about hogs on a log?

Bring out the bacon! Bacon and peanut butter is actually an all-star combo and your little one will be hooked. 

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Create different insects

No need to stick to ants when you can make snails and caterpillars. Kids will have so much fun making different insects and you’ll enjoy seeing their creativity soar. 

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Ants on a log - ranch style

Give your log a savory punch with ranch dip and walnuts. Ranch is one of my favorite dip flavors and I always find myself munching on more veggies than usual when the ranch is out. 

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Bring out the bell peppers

If your kid isn’t a celery fan, try bell peppers! Bell peppers are full of Vitamin C and are equally fun to eat. Like celery, they’re great neutral flavor “boats” so you can get creative with toppings!

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Did someone say hummus?

Combing hummus with sweet notes like coconut and dark chocolate will make for one delightful snack. Who knows, maybe you’ll start making these for yourself?

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Switch it up with carrots

If celery isn’t working, switch it up. Try carrots with cream cheese! 

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Make overnight oats

Swapping out peanut butter for overnight oats makes it easy for your little one to get their veggies AND grains all in one! Plus it’s super yummy even for a grown-up snack. 

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