7 fun at-home date nights

When you’re juggling a busy schedule with work and play dates, it can be hard to find time with your partner. We came up with 7 fun at-home date ideas for when the kids are asleep (and don’t require a babysitter!). Don’t forget to put the phones away!

1. Cook grown-up food together

If your dinner routine includes a fair share of 20 minute meals, this is your chance to take your time in the kitchen and create something that won’t need to be shared with the kids. Check out the variety of meal kits available and start cooking. Don’t forget the wine!

2. Set up your own tasting menu

Not in the mood to cook a large meal? Organize a small tasting menu! Grab those fancy cheeses you’ve been wanting to splurge on or try an array of chocolates. Throw in a few different types of wine and you’re set!

3. Turn on the comedy

If you both love going to comedy shows but haven’t been able to find the time, get cozy on the couch and search the comedy specials on Netflix. Use this time to relax and forget about the day-to-day stress. No two drink minimum required, but if you want to have one anyway, here’s a few to try.

4. Build an indoor fort

Yes, really! Just because you’ve entered parenthood doesn’t mean you can’t be a kid yourself at times. Gather all of the fluffy pillows and blankets build the most epic fort in the living room. Bonus points for popcorn.

5. Brush up on your massage skills

Being a parent can leave you feeling tense. Skip the pricey spa and brush up on your massage skills with this guide. Take turns giving each other a massage.

6. Have a video game night

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. If you or your partner enjoy time with the Xbox, Wii, or Playstation, it’s time to grab those controllers and pick a game together. Just don’t scream too loudly when you thrash your partner in Mario Kart!

7. Have a look back

One of the best ways to get closer to your partner is to reminisce about the memories you created as a family. Make the most of this time by building a Tinybeans photo book together!

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