7 photos to take this holiday season

December is in full swing and your camera is about to get busy. This month brings a lot of cute moments with all of the festivities. Here’s 7 #TinybeansMoments you’ll want to capture this season.

Decorating the tree (or lighting a menorah)

Bonus points if you get a family member in the shot as well! These kind of images are going to be cherished when your child gets older and can appreciate the time spent with older relatives during the holidays. Credit: @insta.megz

Looking out at the snow fall…

There’s nothing quite like the magic of a silent snowfall where time stands still. Sneak a picture of your little one looking outside. These photos will make an amazing Tinybeans photo book cover! Credit: @alimobo

… Or if you’re in a warmer client, Santa hats on the beach

If you’re fortunate enough to be somewhere without the snow and cold, head on over to the nearest beach with some Santa hats. Don’t forget to post on your Tinybeans album to make everyone else jealous. Credit: @thetaggtribe

Building a snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? YES! Let’s be honest – when children make their own snowman, the results are pretty adorable. Enjoy this moment with them but don’t forget to take photos from start to finish. Credit: @tches13

Wearing the best holiday garb

Nothing says “style” quite like a Santa onesie. Snap a few photos of your little one in their best holiday outfit (note: ugly sweaters are acceptable). Credit: @owatto

Add in holiday lights

Holiday lights are actually a great addition to any photo! We recommend placing your little one in front of the lights to capture the glow on their face or stand behind them to photograph their silhouette. Credit: @sunshine_and_smiles08

Lounging around

Who says the holidays have to be all dressed up? One perk of the cold season is you can wear sweatpants at all times… We love embracing this comfy time family. Credit: @insta.megz

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