7 sneaky ways to fit vegetables onto your toddler’s plate

According to Cleveland Clinic, toddlers should have 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Hitting the fruit goal is easy, but what about veggies? If you’re parenting a picky eater or one that refuses to chomp down on some broccoli, we’re here to help. Fortunately, there are tons of vegetables that can be easily hidden into every day meals. Here are our 7 go-to veggie hacks for picky eaters.

Get crusty

Cauliflower is a powerhouse when it comes to versatile veggies. You can use cauliflower in almost anything – but most importantly, you can make pizza crust out of it. Now, when your little one is craving a fresh slice, you can be rest assured it’s a better alternative to delivery.

Oodles and oodles of zoodles!

If there is one veggie hack that I swear by, it’s zoodles. Yep, zucchini noodles. Not only are they full of vitamin B-6 and C, but they’re also ridiculously delicious. I use them as a pasta alternative, but they’re super kid-friendly and can be added to nearly any dish. Big fan of this burrito zoodle bowl recipe!

Recipe here.

Turn veggies into toys

Not actual toys. Zucchini boats, “ants on a log,” and bell pepper trains are classic examples of food that’s fun. Bonus points if you can tie your veggie boat into a story.

Recipe here.

Add avocados

Avocados are an easy addition to any meal because of their creamy consistency. Add to chocolate pudding or dishes with cheese (think grilled cheese or mac and cheese). Plus, they’re full of vitamins C, K, E and healthy fats. Bravocado!

Put a new twist on old classics

Chips for snack time? Fries every night for dinner? Actually… yes! Baking veggies is an easy way for children to forget they’re eating healthy for just a moment. I’m a big fan of baked kale chips and baked sweet potato “fries.” Place on a baking sheet, add sea salt, drizzle in olive oil, bake in the oven, and you’re good to go. Think of it like guilt-free junk food. BAM!

Recipe here.

Try riced veggies

Riced veggies are arguably one of the easiest ways to hide produce in dishes. I’m a big advocate for riced cauliflower, sweet potato, or butternut squash. Add them into eggs, salad, or use as a rice substitute for a flavor-packed burrito bowl. I mean, who can turn down this cauliflower fried rice?

Recipe here. 

Disguise veggies as dessert

Now it’s probably not wise to do this at every meal, but you have to try it at least once. Believe it or not, this brownie is made out of sweet potatoes and avocados. Mind blown, right? Using vitamin-packed veggies in your desserts is an easy way to get nutrients without added sugar. Score!

Recipe here.

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