8 easy DIY crafts for National Grandparent’s Day

There’s nothing quite like the bond between grandparent and grandchild. In honor of National Grandparents Day on September 8th, we compiled a list of our favorite easy DIY crafts that the kiddos can gift to their grandpa and grandma. 

"I love grandma because..."

This super easy craft is sure to produce some heartwarming and hilarious answers that will make any grandparent feel loved. Encourage your child to make one for both grandma and grandpa.

Credit: Mama Papa Bubba

Rock photo holders

You know the grandparents can’t get enough of your child’s photos, so why not print out a few of your favorites? These simple rock photo holders are easy for the younger kids to create and will spruce up any living space.

Credit: One Little Project

Salt dough magnets

Brighten up the grandparents’ refrigerator with homemade magnets featuring your little one. You can also convert these into ornaments! 

Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

Handprint flower pot

If you’ve got a grandparent with a green thumb, a simple vase featuring your child’s handprint will melt their heart. 

Credit: Christina Maria Blog

Blowing kisses canvas

You’ll have to take a photo of your little one blowing a kiss and then print it out, but the work is totally worth it when you create this adorable canvas. We can hear the “aww’s” from here…

Credit: The Dating Divas

Heart thumbprint platter

Rally up all of the grandkids for this sweet heart thumbprint serving platter. You know grandma will be breaking this out of the cupboard every chance she gets.

Credit: Old Salt Farm

Photo bookmark

This photo bookmark has the perfect personal touch and will give grandpa or grandma a chuckle every time they open a book.

Credit: Balancing Home

Tinybeans photo book

Alright, so this isn’t technically a DIY craft, but you’ll have tons of fun putting this together. Create a photo book full of your favorite Tinybeans photos that you know the grandparents will treasure forever. 

Start your photo book. 

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