Are you ready for a baby on the move?

Keep your family safe with these 5 childproofing tips

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Your little one is on the move…and it’s both exciting and slightly terrifying. They can now get around and also get into big trouble. Turn away for a second and they could be anywhere, doing anything.

Don’t panic! In honor of September being Baby Safety month, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for keeping your child safe as they become more mobile. Keep calm and read on.


1. Look out below!

You left your baby on their play mat, but now that they are mobile they may or may not be there when you come back from getting their bottle. Be sure you keep an eye out no matter where you walk. Little ones can be under foot before you know it.


2. Remember playpens?

They’re back…and way better than when we were kids. Keep your little one safe and give yourself peace of mind while you throw laundry in the dryer with a play yard. The Regalo Six Panel My Play Portable Play Yard is safe, easy to set-up and easy on your wallet (under $55!).


3. Make adjustments.

When your baby begins to move, be sure to check the settings on their gear. Crib mattresses may need to be lowered to prevent falling out, high chair restraints tightened to keep them from wiggling out and if they are still in a bassinet in the stroller, it’s likely time to make the switch to seat.

4. Beware of “sharp” edges.

We aren’t talking about scissors or cutlery. Your coffee table, television stand, basically any type table or storage piece, is the enemy. Soft corner protectors may look like the enemy from a style perspective, but they are a must. One veteran mom tip we love: replace a coffee table with an upholstered ottoman or bench.


5. Keep doors closed at all times.

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and dresser drawers are all dangerous for a variety of reasons (toxic chemicals, sharp objects, tipping risk, etc). Drawer and cabinet latches come in many styles to fit both your needs (inside vs. outside the door) as well as your installation abilities (stick-on vs. tools needed).

Ensure your baby’s safety and your sanity with a childproofed home. Before you know it, they’ll be off to kindergarten (and you’ll still have the drawer latches in place!).

Shop for Regalo Six Panel My Play Portable Play Yard. (Under $55 at Amazon!)

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