Baby on a roll? We’ve got your back.

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A must-have monitor to know your baby is safe and sound(ly sleeping!)

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Your little one is hard at work gaining the strength and skills to roll over. And once he masters this major developmental milestone, he’ll want to do it all the time—even when he’s snoozing. This key gross motor skill is super exciting, but it can also make parents superanxious about safe sleep. While “back is best” when it comes to reducing the risk of SIDS, rolling babies have other ideas.

Rather than anxiously monitoring every breath (and roll!), let the Cocoon Cam baby monitor do it for you—no wearables required. This nursery essential has key features that’ll give you the peace of mind to actually get some shut-eye yourself!

1. Live HD Video & Instant Alerts

Is your baby still snoozing safely on his back? Where’s the binky? And what’s the deal with that swaddle? Get a crystal clear view of the crib—even when it’s dark—thanks to the HD live stream video with night vision and zoom capability. Cocoon Cam connects to your smartphone and sends instant alerts (no matter where you are!) if your baby’s breathing changes, if he’s crying, starting to wake up, or has fallen asleep. That means no more awkward army crawling into the nursery for a lay of the land.

2. Real-Time Breathing Monitoring

While traditional video monitors let you see your baby, you can’t tell if he’s breathing unless you tiptoe up close (and anyone with a creaky floor will tell you that’s not a good idea!). Cocoon Cam displays a real-time breathing wave on top of the live video feed, so you can see on your smartphone that your baby is breathing, whether you’re out of the house or relaxing on the couch. This especially helps ease angst when your kiddo has rolled onto his stomach.

3. Activity Log & Sleep Recap Video

The in-app Activity Log makes it simple to review your baby’s schedule and sleep habits (rolls, twists, turns, and all!). Plus, Cocoon Cam creates a short video highlight of your busy baby’s snooze session from the prior night.

Designed by parents, approved by doctors, and loved by families, Cocoon Cam gets five-star ratings from hundreds of parents and has been named one of 2018’s Best Baby Monitors by BabyList.

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Try it for 100 nights—risk-free for the first 100 nights. If you aren’t satisfied, return it for a full refund.

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