Gift ideas for the grandparent who has everything

A grandchild is the greatest gift you can give your parents, but that can get tricky to repeat year after year. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, retirement. There are many occasions where you need a gift idea to show how much you appreciate your parents, how they raised you, everything they sacrificed for family, and all the free babysitting they provide. 

When it comes to getting your Mom or Dad a gift, you’ve probably exhausted the usual suspects: restaurant gift cards, spa services, tickets to a show. And who can forget the year of the family group photo? (With matching denim button-downs, naturally.) When it comes to a major milestone, you’re probably looking for something a little more meaningful.

5 unforgettable gifts for the grandparent who has everything

1. Family reunion

That family reunion you are always talking about, actually plan it. Nothing makes someone feel younger than getting together with the family they grew up with. It doesn’t have to be everyone. Start with your parent’s siblings and a few of their closest cousins and expand from there. A casual affair where they can sit and reminisce will bring back memories, create new ones and give you a chance to hear crazy stories with characters you actual know.

2. Personalized biography

Did you know that you can capture your mom or dad’s life story with the help of a professional ghostwriter and turn it into a beautiful biography? Dedicating a biography to your parent will make them feel special, cared for and worthy. However stoical or self-sacrificing your mom or dad is, deep down everyone wants to feel that they’ve made a positive impact, and that they are loved. Gifting a Story Terrace biography sends a strong, supportive message that says their story is worth listening to and preserving. It’s a bonding moment for the whole family and something you and your children will be able to enjoy for years to come. Get matched with your writer today to get started.

3. DNA test for family history

Your parents are the origins and default architects of much of your life, and an at-home DNA test gives them — and you — the chance to explore and appreciate that history. They’ll be able to see their heritage and genetic breakdown (aka 50% Irish, 30% Italian, and so on) and can build family trees complete with historical documents and censuses already on the site. If they’re interested in history, they’ll love this. 

4. Date night

When was the last time you and your mom or dad went out just the two of you? Once you have kids, things usually become a full family affair, or your parents are with your kids…without you. Get a babysitter for the kids (your spouse will do!) and take mom or dad out for a night on the town. If they don’t live nearby, fly them in or plan it for their next visit. The most important thing to remember is it’s not the activity that matters as much as the company.

5. Memory box

Have each member of the family contribute something to a memory box. Younger children can draw a picture or make something. Older children can find a favorite photo or souvenir. Your aunts/uncles and cousins can send handwritten notes. You can add things from different moments of your childhood. Your parent will love opening this personalized keepsake curated just for them by those nearest and dearest to them.

Ready to give your parents a gift that’ll last lifetimes? Reaching out to Story Terrace is the first step. We’ll connect you with a qualified writer who will make the biography writing process as convenient for your parents as possible—including interviewing them in the comfort of their own home.  

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