Heartwarming Father’s Day photo book ideas

Father’s Day is approaching and a Tinybeans photo book is a super easy and personal way to show him how much he’s loved. Here are 6 of our favorite Father’s Day photo book ideas that will warm his heart and make his entire year. 

1. Dad vs baby: then and now

Dad will get a good laugh and have all the feels when he sees his son or daughter’s photos lined up next to photos of him at the same age.

2. All about his favorite team

Is the father in your life a big sports fan? Dedicate a whole book to his fandom! Add photos of the kiddos wearing sports gear and share fun memories in the captions. 

3. Tell a story through your child's drawings

Do you have a little artist in the house? Ask them to draw a story about dad. Take a photo of those drawings and tell a short story in a photo book. 

4. Daddy & Me photos

Compile all of your photos of just dad and child and put them all in a book! He’ll love taking a look back on the sweet memories. 

5. A year in revew

Choose our calendar template and you can add a broader snapshot of your month as a family. Grandfathers would love this too – make this an easy yearly tradition!

6. "I love when _______"

Ask your little to help with this one! Pick some sweet memories and ask them what they love the most about this photo or what they love about dad. Add into the caption and watch for the big smile on his face. 

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